Create Page

1- Go to Pages – Add New
2- Insert all necessary field
3- Click Publish


Create Gallery

1- On page editor, click Add Media
2- Select Create Gallery
3- Select all the images you want to be in gallery
4- Click Create a new gallery
5- Setup the necessary settings
6- Click Insert gallery


Disable Page Comment

1- On page listing, hover the page title
2- Select Quick Edit
3- Uncheck Allow Comments
4- Click Update


Choosing Page Template

1- On page editor, find Page Attributes
2- On Template dropdown, select a page template
3- Click Update


Insert Image

1- On page editor, click Add Media
2- Select an image
3- Scroll down and setup necessary settings
4- Click Insert into page


Embed YouTube Video

1- On YouTube page’s video, scroll down and select Share
2- Copy the URL provided
3- On page editor, paste the copied URL from YouTube
4- WordPress will translate the URL into a video