Hero image is fluid/responsive, it is meant for background image (abstract, scenery etc.), it is not designed to place image/banner. DO NOT upload a well-designed image for this area, as it will respond to screen resolution and do not show as a fixed image size.

  1. Go to Appearance – Theme Options – Hero image settings
  2. Check Enable hero image
  3. Optional: If you want to display the hero image on homepage only instead of all page, please Check Show hero image on homepage only
  4. Click Upload to upload an image
  5. Insert your content at Caption content form field
  6. Select Caption location : left or right
  7. Click Save settings

Hero image size should be 1280×680 or larger
Recommended image size best fit majority of today’s screen resolution, hero image is not meant as an image/banner placeholder.

Hero image content used on demo site

<p>Use the most prominent place to help you land leads the first time so they keep coming back for more.</p>
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