White Screen of Death

When you stumble upon a white screen on your website, the first thing to do is to reverse whatever you just did.

A white screen on your website can mean a lot of things, so there are a lots of work to do in order to debug the issue. It could be your hosting reached its memory limit and/or plugins causes an issue and/or theme is conflicting with plugins and/or WordPress.

What you can do are:
1- Turn on debug mode
Turn on WordPress debug mode by editing wp-config.php and change
define( 'WP_DEBUG', false)
define( 'WP_DEBUG', true)

2- Change PHP memory limit
Edit wp-config.php file and add
define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '64M');

3- Deactivate all your plugins
You can do it on your WordPress admin, if not possible, you must login via FTP to remove all your plugins.

4- Activate WordPress default theme
Activate Twenty Sixteen (Twenty Fifteen) form your WordPress admin, if not possible, you must login via FTP to remove your current theme.

Changes are not update on the page

Make sure to clear your site cache deactivate any cache/optimization plugin while you setting up the site.

Homepage showing blank white page

Sometimes when you activate the theme, your whole website gone blank. Do not panic, it just mean that you need to update your WordPress.

Note that our theme works with latest WordPress version, we support 3.9 and above.

Facebook sharing not showing image

If your blog post is new, it may due to the RSS not update yet. So you can use Facebook debugger to check your post first before you post: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/

Using Facebook plugin

You can search, install and delete plugin via your dashboard (Plugins – Add New). You may try to search for something with Facebook update related plugin.

Note that we do not support any third party plugin, you may seek support from the plugin forum.

BlogLovin not showing image

Based on Bloglovin article, it mentions that you can check if your RSS feed is valid with a feed validator – http://validator.w3.org/feed/

Here’s similar issue: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/images-not-showing-up-in-bloglovin . The fix is be sure to check that your RSS feed is not set to show summary but full post.

If that doesn’t work then you may try install plugin as suggested in http://www.nooralqahtani.com/adding-post-images-bloglovin/

Gallery Lightbox doesn’t show up

If you’ve followed through the documentation on how to setup gallery but the lightbox (that pops up the gallery image) doesn’t show up, kindly check the following:

Option 1: Please deactivate all the Plugin and try the gallery lightbox again.

Option 2: Please ensure that gallery thumbnail is linked to image file (Media File). If it has already linked to Media File> but doesn’t work, please select Attachment Page -> Update Gallery and go back to click on Media File -> Update Gallery. Refer to screenshot below.

Gallery Lightbox doesn't show up

Option 3: If you have Jetpack plugin activated:
Kindly activate Jetpack Carousel for the lightbox, because BluChic Theme deactivated the lightbox to avoid any Javascript conflict with Jetpack plugin. Refer to screenshot below.

Gallery Lightbox doesn't show up