Under each blog post, you may notice there is a section titled “You might also like” which display related posts with thumbnail images & post title. The functionality comes within our themes, which means no plugin is required and it works based on the similar post tags.

Part 1 – How to enabled related posts

  1. Go to Appearance – Theme Options
  2. Navigate to Entry Settings
  3. Tick Enable related post. NOTE: The number of related posts shown is depends on each Theme, some has 5 related posts while some has 3 related posts
  4. Click Save Settings and proceed to Part 2 below.

Setup Related Posts

Part 2- Insert tags and set Featured Image

Edit each of your blog post and set the following:

  1. Post Tags
    Related post works with similar post Tag. Therefore, ensure that you have post Tag(s) for your post and the related post will show up if the post Tag(s) are the same.
  2. Featured Image
    For thumbnail image of Related Post to show up, you’ll need to select Featured Image for each blog post.

Setup Related Posts