1. Create the Countdown Timer

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New 
  2. Install and activate HuryrTimer plugin
  3. Go to HurryTimer > Add Campaign
  4. Insert necessary information:
    • Title: insert the countdown timer name
    • Select Evergreen mode
    • Edit the duration you preferred
    • Select Cookie and IP address for the Detection methods or any of your preference
    • Select Restart immediately after expired or any of your preference
    • Go to Appearance tab to update the look of the timer
    • Update Timer Digit, Timer label to your preference
    • On Headline tab hide the headline by deselect the show/hide option
  5. Click Publish when done
  6. Copy the Shortcode provided

2. Insert the Countdown Timer into your Tripwire Page or Sales Page

  1. Go to your Tripwire Page or Sales Page
  2. Click to edit the sample timer
  3. Paste the HurryTimer countdown shortcode in the input area
  4. Click Update button (if your page is live already) or click Publish button (if your page is still in Draft mode)