1. Create the Countdown Timer

  1. Go to PluginsAdd New 
  2. Install and activate Evergreen Countdown Timer plugin
  3. Go to Settings – Evergreen Countdown
  4. Select New Countdown and set up the following:
    • Name: insert the countdown timer name
    • Evergreen? Yes
    • Expire countdown in: X days, X hours, X minutes, X seconds
    • Redirect URL: insert the page link where it automatically redirects the visitors to once the offer/countdown timer expires
  5. Click Save when done
  6. Copy the Shortcode provided

2. Insert the Countdown Timer into your Tripwire Page or Sales Page

  1. Go to your Tripwire Page or Sales Page
  2. Click to edit the sample timer
  3. Paste the Evergreen countdown shortcode in the input area
  4. Click Update button (if your page is live already) or click Publish button (if your page is still in Draft mode)