Install WooCommerce

1- Go to Plugins – Add New and search for WooCommerce
2- Click Install now on the first plugin in the list and click Activate plugin
3- Click on the button that says Install WooCommerce Pages to finish installing WooCommerce.

Basic setup for using WooCommerce with Bluchic Themes

1- Go to Appearance – Theme Options – WooCommerce Settings tab
2- Check to show cart icon the header
3- Check to display breadcrumb on shop page
4- Check to remove sidebar on WooCommerce product page

woocommerce theme options

WooCommerce Product Image Size

1- Go to Appearance – Customize – WooCommerce tab – Products Images tab
2- Change both Main image width and Thumbnail width
3- You can adjust your image size with Thumbnail cropping

woocommerce image sizes

WooCommerce Product Page

1- Go to Appearance – Customize – WooCommerce tab – Products Catalog tab
2- Find Product per row and change the number of product per row
3- Find Rows per page and change the number of number of row per page

woocommerce products display

If the product image is not changing after update and waited (WooCommerce will auto re-generate your product image size), you can install Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to quickly regenerate all your Featured Image sizes.

We are unable to provide support for WooCommerce Plugin beyond the basic setup above. You can find WooCommerce full documentation here and video tutorials here.

If you have added images to your WooCommerce before using this theme, you may need to regenerate your thumbnails to re-create your theme images properly.