Enable slider

1- Go to Appearance – Theme Options
2- Select Slider Settings tab
3- Set the necessary settings
4- Click Save settings

Slider image size is 1140 px (width) and height can be anything (it’s 560 px in demo site).
Slider can be enabled or disabled via Theme Options.

Add slider image

1- Go to Slider – Add New
– Insert TITLE here
– Insert TEXT here (e.g. summary of the Post). *IMPORTANT* Strictly DO NOT insert any image here
– Insert url/link to the designated post or page
– Click Set featured image to insert image in the slider
– It will pop-up a media window. You get to choose whether to upload file from computer or use existing image from Media Library. In the sample below, we’re choosing image from Media Library
– After you choose the image, click on Set featured image
– Click publish button to post the slider. To add the next slider image, kindly repeat the above steps.