Demo site does not use slider, but theme has slider features

Enable slider

  1. Go to Appearance – Customize – Bluchic Theme – Slider settings tab
  2. Select Slider Settings tab
  3. Set the necessary settings
  4. Click Save settings

Add slider image

  1. Go to Slider – Add New
    • Button Text – Button name, it can be Read More, Learn More etc
    • URL – Link for the button *IMPORTANT* Full URL address include https:// protocol. Strictly DO NOT insert any image here
  2. Click Set featured image to insert image in the slider
    • It will pop-up a media window. You get to choose whether to upload file from computer or use existing image from Media Library. In the sample below, we’re choosing image from Media Library
    • After you choose the image, click on Set featured image
    • Click publish button to post the slider.
  3. 3- To add the next slider image, kindly repeat the above steps.