Aside from the default widgets from WordPress (e.g. Categories, Archives, etc), we have 3 Custom Widgets as following:

  • Ace Blog Author: Insert profile picture and write a short description about yourself.
  • Ace Contact Location: Insert address, email, phone number and fax number.
  • Ace Social Networks: To show Email, RSS, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Flickr, Linkedin, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Pinterest, and Bloglovin button.

Custom Widgets

Custom Widget

Ace Blog Author

Title: Insert the title of the widget.

Picture: Insert the image file URL.

Short Description: Insert text about your website or welcome message.

Read More Text: A link text, it can be “Read more” or anything that you preferred.

Read More URL: The page URL to your profile page. Insert full URL (Include http://)

Custom Widget

Ace Contact Location

Title: Insert the title of the widget.

Addfress: Insert your business or any address you preferred.

Email address: Insert your active email address. Leave blank if necessary.

Phone number: Insert your phone number. Leave blank if necessary.

Fax number: Insert your fax number. Leave blank if necessary.

Custom Widget

Ace Social Networks

Title: Insert the title of the widget.

Kindly scroll down and insert your social media profile URL. Note: Full URL include http://.