Whenever you want to customize Bluchic theme and need to modify any template file (such as header.php), WordPress community recommend to create a child theme instead of editing the theme template files.

Why use Child Theme? Because Child theme inherits functionality from the Parent theme. So if there is theme update, your customization will be intact in Child Theme and you don’t need to redo any changes.

If you don’t use Child theme and apply the customization directly to the original theme file, you will lose all the customization when there is theme update. Because theme update will overwrite all the theme file back to its default code. That means you’ll need to redo the customization.

By customization, we are looking at modifying the theme files, such as header.php, footer.php or any other theme files that is included in the theme folder. Any customization you made in child theme will not affect the parent theme (original theme). However, it is important to make a backup of your Child theme (or the default sample child theme) before you do any customization.



Frequent Asked Questions

  1. I have no idea how to create Child theme.
    Kindly download our sample child theme as a starting point. From there you can install and customize the Child theme.
  2. How to install a Child theme?
    A Child theme act like a normal theme, so you can install it as a normal theme via WordPress admin dashboard or manually install via FTP.
  3. Do I need a Parent theme to install Child theme?
    Yes. Child theme can only function with a Parent theme installed, because Child theme inherit all the functionality from the Parent theme. Therefore please install the Parent theme first before you install the child theme.
  4. What if I do CSS customization in Theme Options, do I need Child theme?
    No, you do no need a cChild theme if you setup or customize in Theme Options. Theme update will not affect the setting in Theme Options.
  5. I want to customize header.php,but there is no header.php in the sample Child theme, what should I do?
    Simply copy the header.php file from the parent theme to your Child theme folder and customize from there. Child theme will read any files in the Child theme folder.
  6. I want to change the feature thumbnail size, how do I do that?
    You will have to remove the default function and add in on your Child theme functions.php file. Note: this is an extensive customization which we do no support. We recommend you to look for a WordPress developer for this kind of extensive customization.
  7. What if I choose not to use a Child theme and customize the original theme file directly?
    We held no responsible if any of your customization are overwritten by theme update. We highly recommend using Child Theme, as suggested by the WordPress community as well.
  8. I copy functions.php from Parent theme, but the Child theme is not working now. Why?
    You cannot copy the functions.php or any other files from includes/ folder. It will crash with your Child theme because it will call a function twice.
  9. Do I need HTML5/CSS3 knowledge to do customization in Child theme?
    Yes, while you don’t need to be a coding expert, you are required to have HTML5/CSS3 and WordPress template hierarchy knowledge. If you’re new to this, we suggest this completing the web course at Codeacademy. As mentioned in our support policy, we’re unable to provide free support for customization query; charges apply from $29.
  10. I have other question that isn’t listed here.
    Please submit a support ticket if you have can’t find answer to your question on Child Theme.



Create Child Theme

1- Search, install and active Child Theme Generator plugin
2- Go to Settings – Child-Theme Gen
3- Insert necessary information and click Create new child theme button



Sample Child Theme

If you prefer to have the child theme file ready on your computer, you can download from below list.