How to install plugin

  1. Go to Plugins – Add New
  2. Click Upload Plugin to browse the file and upload it
  3. Click Install Now to install the theme
  4. Once installed click Activate Plugin to activate the plugin

Refresh your permalink once you activated the plugin. Go to Settings – Permalink and click Save Changes button to refresh permalink link.

Create Podcast

  1. Go to Podcasts – Add Podcast
  2. Insert the title, select/create a category and upload a podcast cover
  3. You can insert embed, YouTube or regular text and image
  4. Click publish to publish the podcast

Arrange your podcast with date. The latest date will be on top.

Insert Podcast Shortcode

  1. Edit your podcast page with Elementor
  2. Scroll down to find the podcast section
  3. Replace the default shortcode (refer below)

[bluchic-podcast category=SLUG posts=NUMBER]
= Category name slug
NUMBER = Number of posts per page

Get category slug

  1. Go to Podcast – Podcast categories
  2. Hover to the podcast category and click Quick Edit
  3. The Slug is the category slug for the shortcode